Now registering students for Maths and English courses.

Our Maths and English courses have been designed for UK National Curriculum and are suitable for children from 4 years – 16 years old. We use a combination of class room training and online resources for improved learning of skills and concepts. We provide regular and detailed progress reports to focus efforts on the key development areas.

Our Maths and English tuition helps students to

  • Improve school performance – we help students reinforce the skills taught in the school
  • Enhance confidence and self-esteem – regular homework and online tools reinforce the acquired skills and develop mental capability
  • Promote independent study skills – the daily homework improves the study habits and encourage children to be independent right from early age

We are also registering year 4 students for admission year 2019.

The 11 Plus Exam presents a fantastic opportunity for school children to aim for admission into secondary school of their choice. Mastering the skills required for the exam success is challenging and can be stressful.

Are you thinking of applying to a Grammar School or independent school in Wallington / Sutton / Croydon for 2019?  You need to start preparing your child for the highly competitive 11 Plus exams. Good preparation can substantially improve your chances of getting into the school of your choice.

Our 11 Plus courses can enable children to gain the necessary skills and confidence in verbal and non-verbal reasoning as well as numeracy and literacy. In addition to this we ensure that they improve the speed and develop the key exam skills.

We focus on traditional learning methods and follow step-by-step approach to teaching. Exam+ Tuition is passionate about developing children skills, beyond just preparing students for their 11+ exams.

Our experienced tutors specialise in successfully preparing your child for the 11 Plus exams. They can provide much needed attention, quickly identify the problem areas and develop a plan tailored to the needs of your child. We cover the special techniques and strategies for different types of 11 Plus questions.

Our approach to the exams is to develop child’s skills in numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, Mathematics, English and non-verbal reasoning, then provide exam board specific techniques prevalent in each of these subjects. Regular spot tests provide the practice and motivation to enhance the speed and accuracy.